Rooting the nook touch simple

Rooting the nook touch simple

  • Add the ability to browse the internet, read saved Pocket Articles, and browse Dropbox on your B+W Nook Simple Touch.
    • Fun Fact, after rooting, you can navigate through on your computer and install apps remotely to your nook!
  • On firmware 1.2.1
    • Go to Settings > About to find firmware version number
  • With the NookManager 0.5.0 from here
    • Explained in more detail here
    • connect microSD to a computer and identify its address
      • diskutil list
    • diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk# to unmount it
    • dd if=/path/to/NookManager.img of=/dev/rdisk# bs=1m
    • Then insert microSD into a powered off nook, startup, and follow on screen instructions to root
  • I also installed:
    • SearchMarket To install apps from the Android Store (default Android Market does not have newer apps)
    • Instapaper works the same as pocket (but pocket isn’t compatible)
      • Just drag the *.apk to any directory on the nook, and browse to it on the nook. More Info.
    • Opera Mobile, Way faster than the default browser
    • Google Apps, bunch of steps to install, but went well and works fine.
    • Cloudpipes for browsing dropbox (Drobox official, Downloader for Dropbox, and Dropbox / Client did not work)
    • ES File Explorer, not really that useful.

Swapping the Dictionary

  • place the microSD card with NookManager.img into the nook and bootup, select Yes, start wireless, and then select Start ADB
  • adb connect <yourNookipaddress> in the terminal on your computer
  • Lets look for the dictionary file, I know that it should be a *.db file
    • adb shell
    • find . -iname "*.db"
      • Now lets browse the results (see here). Most notably, we see:
      • /data/media/B&N Downloads/Dictionary/2940043623508/dictionary.db and /data/data/ both look promising
    • if we then get out of the adb shell with exit, we can do adb pull <nook directory> to get both of these files copied to our computer
      • using something convenient like SQLite Database Browser we can visually browse through these databases.
        • its obvious that user_dict.db is not what we are looking for, its practically empty!
        • however, dictionary.db is much more promising
          • yet, if we were to delete the file via rm dictionary.db (while in the shell and the directory), and then adb push <local new dictionary file> /data/media/B&N Downloads/Dictionary/2940043623508/dictionary.db to overwrite the file, and then restart the nook, we would notice that the nook restart would take a while
          • Then, we would notice that english dictionary lookup still works, and our new foreign dictionary lookup does not work!
          • What could have happened? Could the english dictionary have redownloaded and replaced the one that we had just placed in the folder?
            • No, if we adb in again, and browse to the directory again, we see with ls -l that the file size indeed matches the file we placed in there, and not the one that we removed
          • So where is the real dictionary file?
          • To be continued…
    • finally: adb disconnect

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